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Music is been a passion for me, having a very eclectic taste I love discovering new singers & bands which lead me to regularly attend open mics & gigs in & around my local area.

Frustrated to discover that extremely talented independent, unsigned artists rarely get heard outside their own music scene I took to the radio determined to change this.

Since presenting my first radio show around 2016 I feel privileged to have built up a reputation among artists & listeners alike for supporting & playing music from independent, unsigned singers & bands as near as my own local music scene (Bradford & Leeds), as far away as Twain, Australia, New Zealand as well as all areas & countries in between.

I am also delighted to have been invited to be part of two amazing projects both of which also support independent music & encourage collaboration between all involved in the independent music scene, Music For The Head & Heart* & Green Eyed Records*

* Find out more about both Music For The Head & Heart plus Green Eyed Records on my Projects page


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