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Liz Austin

I am delighted to welcome Liz of Facebooks Liz's Jukebox Grapevine aboard as a contributor to our blog.


At the age of 10, Liz was listening to music on the radio and at 14, she attended her first gig in a local village pub, which kicked off her love for the live music scene in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  35 years later, Liz has attended around 2000 gigs across England, a number that is still growing!!


Liz's favourite bands tend to come from the post-punk/new wave/alternative and Goth era (80’s &  '90’s), however, her tastes have evolved over the years.


As well as blogging on Daz In The Hat Liz regularly contributes, has co-authored & collaborated on other projects Happiness Ad &  Noise of the Valleys, Facebook pages (book written by  Matt Webster of Western Dance & Signia Alpha.

Liz has also been working voluntary, on a collaboration by Bradford poet Nick Tockzek and Signia Alpha centring on spoken word lyrics over music fusion of jazz, reggae, funk, punk and rock. 

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