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  • Promoters, Agents & others involved in the Independent music industry can discover new, up & coming artists.

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Kieran Doyle
Singer/Songwriter from Huddersfield
All Day Dogs Breakfast
Sadly All Day Dog's Breakfast aka The Only Michael (Michael Harding is no longer with us, but you can still enjoy a performance from him on Hat Tracks Live
Fishing For Compliments
Fishing for Compliments offer a unique indie/folk/pop vibe with songs that come straight from the heart.
Paul Curtis
Singer-songwriter; acoustic rocker; human jukebox From Leeds
Sharon Garner
Singer/Songwriter based on the coast just east of Hull. Her style is mainly folk.
As well as performing her own music, she enjoys covering other artists from a variety of genres.
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'Live' Performances 


Aled Hughes
A selection of videos recorded by Welsh singer/songwriter Aled Hughes before & during the lockdown.
Mike Burtoft
A selection of videos recorded by singer/songwriter Mike Burtoft during the lockdown.
Gerry Cooper
Renowned Blues Singer/Songwriter Gerry Cooper from Shipley, West Yorkshire brings us a collection of original songs recorded live at various venues
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