Hat Tracks Live Sessions


Welcome to Hat Tracks Live Sessions, featuring live performances recorded in & around the North of England

Tune into Mike Burtoft's Blues Event recorded live at Two Doors Inn, Skipton in December 2021.
This superb gig kicked off at 5 pm featuring some of the best Blues artists in the area:
Ben 'Blues' Water, Sleepy Jake, Connor Walmsley, Mike Burtoft, Jack Brennan... headlining the event & making their first-ever live appearance - brand new supergroup: Bertie & The Signs.

Part One - Ben 'Blue' Waters & Sleepy Jake

Part Two kicks of with Ben & Jake together before being joined by Connor Walmsley followed by Mike Burtoft's solo spot

We begin part 3 with Jack Brennan before the first-ever live performance of Bertie & The Signs fronted by Mike Burtoft\
As to who else is in the band I will leave the introductions to Mike himself