Hat Tracks Live 

WSO 2020


 Join us on 1 August for Hat Tracks Live WSO202 to enjoy a collection of premieres & compilation videos all to raise funds for Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank.


This year we planned to hold a 12-hour gig on 1 August, which, due to the pandemic had to be cancelled.


However, with many people being furloughed, finding themselves unemployed etc Food Banks everywhere are finding themselves even more needed than ever before, with numbers growing every day.


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If you are an entertainer (musician, poet, comedian etc) and would like to take part in Hat Tracks Live WSO2020


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Running  Order

10:45: Welcome To Hat Tracks WSO2020

11:00: Intro/Angi Naylor

11:30: Jon Palmer Acoustic Band

12:00: Kieran Doyle

12:45: Monologue John Bartley

13:30 Al Rate

14:15: Hugh Miller

14:45: Fishing For Compliments

15:30: RockSalt Acoustic 

16:15: Red Or Dead

16:45: Pixie Styx

17:30: Break  - Angi Naylor

18:30: Mike Burtoft

19:15: Lewis Burner

20:30: Graham Rhodes Performance Poet

21:15: Zach Thompson

22:00: Late For Life

22:45: Aled Hughes

23:15: Skinner & Twitch

00:00: Closing Thanks & Credits Hat Tracks Live WSO2020 1st August


You can donate to Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank