Music For The Head And Heart

Music For The Head And Heart is an exciting international platform that focuses on the joy and the creative power of music to inspire, provoke and entertain.

The platform was set up by Nick Cody as a ​collective voice for artists and performers who have a love of music. The purpose of Music for The Head and Heart is to bring together lovers of music from all over the world to share ideas and engage in collective music exploration and collaboration.

Our first event included performances from

Miranda Arieh

 Emily Mercer

Behla Hutchinson

Captain Of The Lost Waves

Here is Captain Of The Lost Waves & Miranda Arieh who closed the event with some great improv 

Music For The Head and Heart's next live event is on 25 January when we will be joined by:

King Size Slim
Scott Wainwright
Tony Lambert

Tickets Are £6 & Available Now

Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK Daz In The Hat®