Read reviews on some of my favourite albums & artists featured on Hat Tracks

Lisa Marie Glover is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful, easy-going voice. 

If you want to chill out & relax, Push On Through is the perfect album to play with lyrics that weave wonderful stories.. lay back close your eyes & enjoy.


Available now on Bandcamp   

Push On Through.jpg

Fishing For Compliments

debut album

Off The Isle Of Somewhere

is a perfect introduction to the band. 

Lead singer Eileen has a truly amazing voice that captivates and leaves you on a high.

Available now on Bandcamp

Off The Isle Of Somewhere.jpg

Another artist that has recently released his debut album is Boo Sutcliffe.

Blink is full of amazing tracks, every one a gem!

Certainly worth getting

Available now on Bandcamp


Looking for an album full of feel-good music, music that gets you singing & dancing? Jon Palmers Acoustic Band's One Fine Day is a must-buy!

Another GREAT release!!

Available from the band's website


Pixie Styx has a truly beautiful voice & weaves clever lyrics that tell wonderful stories.

Her debut album, Little Miss Nawty is a perfect example and a great introduction to this amazing singer. (please be aware that some tracks include explicit content)

Available now on



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