• Darrel Hull

Been to any gigs recently?

Have you managed to enjoy any live music yet?

I certainly have, got to see the wonderful Terri Shaltiel at Al's Juke Bar, Bradford a few weeks ago, caught up with Waiting For Wednesday in Halifax's Westgate Arcade and yesterday I was in Wakefield to see three amazing singers who have been entertaining us all on FB & Zoom during Lockdown.. Paula Ryan, Ali Bullivent & Sharon Garner. After this I ended the day at Chapter 2's open mic night host by Julian Socha in Bingley.

What a joy it was to see a room of singers I know and not seen for well over a year.. Ben 'Blues' Water, Hazjak, Zach Thompson, Diamond Dac, plus a number of artists I've never seen before!

Have you been to any great gigs (independent artists only), since restrictions started to lift?

If so let us know on the blog

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