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Collaboration Not Competition

Now, more than ever is the time for all those involved in Independent music to work together, be they artists, venues, event organisers, promoters or agents - rather than compete against one another,

There are some wonderful examples of collaborations around:

North Parade in Bradford, West Yorkshire, has a number of bars which host live music, each one working in conjunction so not to rob one another of custom.

One weekend every year, previous to lockdown, the whole street would be blocked off for a festival, a stage set at one end with each bar along North Parade offering a variety of beverages & food. It was the place to go.. hopefully these festivals will return soon.

North Parade is a great example of how venues can work together, however, this does not happen everywhere, I have heard stories of venues very near to each other hosting open mics on the same day, competing for customers, surely it would make better business sense to run the same or similar events on different days & times, especially as, at present, pubs & bars are struggling to get patrons through the door.

The importance of collaborating isn't tied to venues, it is essential right across the industry.

Nick Cody from Music For The Head & Heart is a big believer that all involved in independent music, venues, artists, promoters & radio stations as well as presenters should work together for the mutual benefit of all. This is the foundation of another of Nick's projects, Green Eyed Records.

Someone else with the same view is Mike Evens, founder of Unsigned Radio, with the saying, as quoted in the title of this post: Collaboration Not Competition.

As some of you maybe aware Mike contacted me last year with the idea of Daz In The Hat Radio working with his internet station to offer more opportunities for independent, unsigned artists world wide in having their music reached by a wider audience, something that is proving very successful with many other presenters coming on board. Read how Daz In The Hat Radio & Unsigned Radio got together on Nick Cody's Blog

Within the next month I will be creating a new Facebook group where all involved in the industry can share links & details of new releases, tours, singers & bands to further promote collaboration not competition for the benefit of all.

Should you be interested in helping to create & run this group please contact me

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