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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

While I try to cover what is happening on independent music scenes far & wide it is impossible to keep up with everything.

If you are involved in independent music, maybe a music lover, promoter, agent, host/organise gigs, an artist, we would love you to come on board and contribute to our blog.

Here are a few blog ideas:

  • Who’s performing where & when - singers & bands worth seeing in your own area.

  • Up & coming gigs & festivals

  • Artist reviews

  • New releases

  • Gig reviews

  • Venue reviews

Although I want to keep the blog open, and free of constraints I do have a few conditions:

  • Posts promoting hate/discrimination, of homophobic, sexist, racist nature for example will not be tolerated (any posts as such will be removed, the person will immediately be removed as a contributor, and possibly be reported to the police).. Plus, as readers come from all over the world & are of different cultures please refrain from posts of a religious nature.

  • No contributor is allowed to edit or delete any other blog or post (although, should any posts contain offensive, hateful or discriminating material I would be grateful if they could be reported to me immediately.. please see above)

  • All posts should revolve around independent artists & music only

What you can expect in return:

  • Gain experience & skills as a blogger to add to a portfolio plus a reference when/if applying for paid work.

  • You will own copyright to your own material, all we ask is to be able to keep published posts when/if contributor leaves Daz In The Hat (all blogs/posts credited to author).

  • Each blogger will get their own profile on www.dazinthehat.com with bio & contact details

  • Have posts added to our monthly newsletter “Out Of The Hat’ sent out to all subscribers & shared all across social media

  • Posts will be referred to on my Hat Tracks podcast.


Send us an email explaining how you are involved, what sort of article/s you would like to write.


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