• Darrel Hull

Hold Onto Your Hats - Gigs Are Coming - Bingley Farmers Market On The Hunt For Musicians

It is wonderful to booking for The Fox once again, our first #gig is on Tuesday 22nd June with Jack O'Malley.

We then have Age Against The Machines on Friday 25th, after that #acoustic nights will be every Tuesday & #Band Nights each 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.

The full line up for 2021, together with #livemusic held at HEART Centre, Headingley can be found on the website: https://www.dazinthehat.com/live-music-directory with more venues to follow very soon - if you would like to to add your events details can be found on the link above - all charity/not for profit events are free, commercial organisations can advertise for £5 per month (first year is free).

Coming soon: a section where singers & bands can list their events - make sure to follow Daz In The Hat on FB & subscribe to the newsletter Out Of The Hat to keep up to date.

Staying with #livemusic Bingley Farmers Market is set to return in July & is on the hunt for singers & bands. If you secure a gig at the market let me know & I'll give you a plug on Hat Tracks.

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