Independent Music Is In A Crisis

As many in the industry will be aware Independent music is facing a crisis!!

Numerous independent singers & bands are reliant on performing live to make ends meet, for months these artists have found themselves left with very few if any gigs at all to make a living.

If things continue like this, and, watching the news where reports tell us the “R” number is increasing causing localised restrictions (in the UK), I‘m sure the situation isn’t about to change anytime soon. If we aren’t careful we could lose so many extremely talented artists.

That is why its essential all promoters, like myself, agents, fans, venues and everyone involved in the industry work together & support artists & establishments in every way we can.

For my part, just after lockdown, I created a new Facebook group “Hat Tracks Live On FB” where performers could post & share their FB Live events & videos.

I’ve played lots of tracks recorded during the lockdown on “Hat Tracks’, and recently set up a playlist where independent singers & bands can showcase their live sets on my YouTube Channel for free.

Whenever I catch a FB live gig I try to share it with as many FB live groups/pages I can, but was astonished to have some remove/decline these posts!!

One group, (which shall remain nameless), removed the post on the grounds “No Tip Jars” etc allowed, without giving any consideration whatsoever that requesting donations are, at present, the only way lots of performers are gaining any income!

Come on guys, show some solidarity, if it wasn’t for independent artists our groups/pages wouldn’t exist!

It is up to us to help & support independent musicians, so let's get together & help out as much as we can.