• Darrel Hull


Fancy recording a jingle for a radio show? Whether you are a listener or artist.

Jingle ideas:

"Hat Tracks Live On FB"

"Daz 'In The Hat' Hull on YouTube - Independent, Unsigned Artists performing original music"

"Daz In The Hat's Global 3 in a row"

"Subscribe to our monthly newsletter 'Out Of The Hat' by visiting www.dazinthehat.com"

"You're Hatting The Tracks with Daz In The Hat"

"Hat Tracks, you're weekly fill of independent music from around the world"

"Hat Tracks Exclusive - a track never heard (aired on any other station or show"

Jingles can be spoken or sung* & sent to darrel@dazinthehat.com

*Music must be either original or royalty free.

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