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Kezia Gill – Dead Ends And Detours – Album Review

Updated: May 2

Kezia Gill is a Nottingham born, Midlands based, singer/songwriter who has been performing for around 15 years. She takes her influences from many genres including folk, Irish, country, rock and blues music. Since 2018 she has started to earn some recognition and more recently has a string of accolades from the country music scene. Her website says she has “the song writing ability of a country artist, the energy of a rock star and the voice of the blues”. Having seen her play live I would certainly agree with that. Like several other musicians, she used social media to livestream during the lockdowns of the pandemic.

I recently stumbled across Kezia when she had the support slot for Tony Hadley (ex Spandau Ballet) when he played at Halifax Victoria Theatre on 19 March 2022. I liked her 30 minutes set, so bought 2 of her cd’s at the gig. She kindly signed them too. Since becoming aware of her, she seems to be constantly on tour, so if you decide to give her music a listen and like what you hear, why not go along to a gig somewhere too.

Here is my review of her album, Dead Ends and Detours (2016) but is still available to buy. All links at the end:

Dead Ends and Detours – Lyrics - Kezia Gill, Music - Kezia Gill & Ben Haynes

A gentle start to the opening track but it quickly builds. This is a good upbeat track and the singing is strong. I’m not so keen on the vocal sound at times, but more about that below. Country vocals that meet a rock sound with added kettle drums for a solid drum sound. This could have been a brilliant song but as it stands it’s a good opening track and keeps you listening.


Local Man’s Star – Lyrics - Kezia Gill, Music - Kezia Gill & Ben Haynes

If I remember rightly from the gig, this is a song about her dad. He is her inspiration and being a musician himself did everything to encourage and support her. This song is a thank you and a tribute to him. It’s a very heartfelt and powerful tune with a perhaps a touch of blues and country. If you are in need of a good cry, this could certainly do the trick. It has a very different feel and tempo to the opening track and I quite like it.


What Kind Of Woman – Lyrics - Robin Brown, Music & Mastering - Beard Music Group, Guest Lead Guitar – Kenny Vaughan

Rock power ballad meets country in this cover version. Not a song I know but it’s short and full of strong, powerful lyrics. I did try to find the original on the internet and sadly couldn’t. From the tracks I did listen to, I can understand why Kezia decided to cover this artists’ work.


Thirties - Lyrics - Kezia Gill, Music - Kezia Gill & Ben Haynes

This song makes me think of Alanis Morissette. A song about what it’s like now Kezia is in her 30’s. As I’m a little older, I can echo her words in this song. This is definitely a catchy number with a good beat. A few weeks on and I still remember it from the gig. This could be my favourite track off this album.


Girl Of Your Dreams - Lyrics - Kezia Gill, Music - Kezia Gill & Ben Haynes, Pedal Steel – Paul Hilton

A slow number with minimal acoustic instrumentation and something more akin to my current music tastes. The vocals stand out strong and very clear in this track and it’s a good display of Kezia’s vast vocal range. Definitely more than a touch of country in this track but it’s a really good song.


Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman pt.1 - Lyrics - Kezia Gill

From minimal instrumentation to no instruments, just plain acapella and a very short track for the final song. Perhaps the whiskey got to Kezia but she has got one very strong voice and this track proves it.

My final thoughts – When Kezia sings, sometimes she has that ‘American Twang’ which modern female British artists seem to have adopted these days and I find it a little annoying. Get past the vocal sound in some songs and it’s a really good album and despite the accent she has a fantastic voice and vocal range. It definitely has influences from country music but there is more to it than that and each song is different to the last.

7 out of 10.

Review by Liz Austin.

For more information & tour dates - www.keziagill.com
You can listen here - https://www.youtube.com/user/keziagill
You can follow here - https://www.facebook.com/keziagillmusic

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