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Live Music - Getting The Word Out

One of most important things for gigging artists as well as venues hosting live music events has got to be getting the word out.

As I am sure most will be aware, promotion is more than just displaying posters & flyers, it is also essential to announce events on your website & promote them across social media.

While the majority of artists and venues do this extremely well, others appear struggle and there can be several good reasons for this. One of the main reasons is not having enough time (posting across social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can be a full time job in itself, something I know from my own experience). However, there are ways to overcome this, I offer some cost & time saving hints below.

Several years ago I began presenting my first ever show on local radio - a weekly gig guide. In preparation for the show I would visit singers, bands & venues websites/Facebook pages, go through the gig lists only to discover some events did not correspond between artists & venues pages & sites. Subsequently, these gigs didn't get a mention on the show.

Following venues reopening & live music re-starting after the lockdown, I decided to include a Live Music Calendar to Daz In The Hat website. The idea was to offer music fans one platform encompassing all information needed saving potential audiences hours visiting website after website, Facebook page after Facebook page.

While putting the pages together I sadly found that things haven't changed, I came across venues with no mention of hosting live music on their website but placed details on Facebook, some the other way round. The same can be said for singers/bands as well. Similar to my Gig Guide show I decided not to include links to these sites/pages on my own website.

These days when the internet & social media is so essential in promoting events, I urge all venue owners, event organisers & artists, ensure your websites & Facebook feeds are up to date.

It also isn't just a matter of posting/sharing an event on a communal Facebook page/group where it can disappear down feeds, it's ensuring your own Facebook events section is current & up to date as well as your website, both of which can be linked to in any shared post staying static & easy to find at all times.

As mentioned previously, I do appreciate managing websites & social media can be a full time job itself, especially on top of everything else, but it is extremely important.

If you find promotion too time consuming or maybe you are new to social media & a bit lost why not search out someone to handle your website & social media?

If you aren't in a position to afford the huge amounts that some companies charge maybe allocate it to a member of your band, a member of staff, a family member or reliable friend.

Another option would be to approach a college (such as your local college of music), giving students the opportunity to gain practical experience, building on the theory learnt in class.

Alternately Daz In The Hat offers a number of services to help for a very modest, affordable price.

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