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New Video's For August

Every month I bring you 6 great music videos that I've found on the internet, here are Augusts collection:

Luxembourg - Nick Cody & Captain Of The Lost Waves

During the lockdown I have played a lot of Nick's new music on Hat Tracks & shared the Captain's FB live events on social media.

You may have even heard Luxembourg on my show (a Hat Tracks exclusive I may add, it was aired on Hat Tracks before any other show/station in the world)!

Well, you can now enjoy the superb video which highlights how streaming is adversely effecting the music industry.. expertly created by Nick Bloomfield.


Don't Stop - Nick Cody & The Heartache

Nick has created a new pseudonym & a new band during the lockdown, the band being Nick Cody & The Heartache, their debut, Can't Stop came out last month (another Hat Tracks Exclusive), with an accompanying video, once again, brilliantly put together by Nick Bloomfield.

Black & Blue - Felka & Reckless - Waiting For Wednesday

It was my 61st birthday on Sunday 1st August & I usually celebrate by organising something special.

Due to just coming out of lockdown I didn't feel like putting anything together this year, instead I went Caroline Street Club to enjoy Felka & Waiting For Wednesday. And what a treat it was. I am a big fan of Waiting For Wednesday & have seen them many times. Yet, although I've played Felka's music on Hat Tracks, Sunday was the first time I've ever caught them live. What an amazing Double Header it was too & a wonderful way to spend my birthday!! With that in mind I bring you a video from both.

Descendants - The Commoners Choir

In the late 60's & maybe early 70's the charts were full of protest music, but not today. However, with the help of some amazing independent artists protest songs are still very much alive & kicking!

One of these is Descendants by The Commoners Choir, I have seen them a couple of times & they are worth following!

Gold - The Sandbox Joesph's

In my early days as a radio presenter I was contacted by Franzicek Fabuleux from The Sandbox Joesph's based in Germany. He sent me one of their albums, the minute I heard the first track I became a fan, I'm sure you will enjoy Gold!

Watch & Enjoy

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