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Saturday is here.. it's time to Hat The Tracks

The weekends here which means I have another hour full of brilliant music from independent, unsigned artists based around the world for you. No matter what taste in music you have I'm sure there'll be something to enjoy on Hat Tracks.

As usual you can look forward to a number of artists making their first appearance on this weeks show including New York's Happy Pop artist, Michelle Fabre, Gravity Machine from Dartmoor, Devon, England, plus, all the way from Australia, Littmus Steampunk Band.

There are also a couple of new releases, the very talented Welsh singer Aled Hughes has brought out his own rendition of Dylan's Blowin' In The Wind & Irelands Jim McHugh recently recorded the album Pretending To Wake Up, both sent the releases into Hat Tracks Central for airplay. Incidentally Aled & Jim were planning to perform their first ever gigs in England for my Hat Tracks Live WSO charity event last year.. sadly this was cancelled due to the pandemic! However I will be inviting them to next years Hat Tracks Live, keep tuned for more info.

In my last post Two Independent Music Greats Collaborate I wrote about a brilliant song from Nick Cody & Captain Of The Lost Waves, Luxembourg, which takes a critical view on Music Streaming. The full video, excellently edited by Nick Bloomfield is available now.

Luxembourg was released in association with a new project Green Eyed Records which promotes Creativity Through Collaboration.

I had the honour of premiering the song on my last Hat Tracks, before any other station, podcast or show in the world!! Make sure not to miss future Hat Track Premieres & Exclusives by following me on FB, Twitter, Mixcloud & signing up for the Out Of The Hat newsletter, links can be found at the end of this post.

You can read more on Nick Cody & The Captain Of The Lost Waves, their music, new & forthcoming releases on Two Independent Music Greats Collaborate.

Another Hat Tracks Exclusive on todays show is Mike Burtoft's Love Has No Pride written & recorded during the lockdown. As well as being a brill singer/songwriter Mike also hosts open mic events, one of those re-launching after a break due to the pandemic will be at the Goats Head, Steeton, North Yorkshire.

The event was to be held a few weeks ago but had to be cancelled due to foreseen difficulties but, I am delighted to announce, it will be going ahead this time. And, to mark the occasion I will be recording a special show from the venue, so why not come along at 3pm tomorrow (Sunday 25 July), and enjoy some great music.. I am sure, like me, you have missed live music and need a fix!

Talking of gigs & events, Ben "Blues" Water, also featured on Hat Tracks this week is hoping to pop into The Goats Head tomorrow will also be performing at The Fox in Shipley very soon both with new band Dead Freedom & solo. Incidentally Mike Burtoft will be there on Tuesday (27 July) from 8pm.

You can find the full gig list for The Fox as well os those for other venues & bands on my Live Music Directory.

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