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Support Independent Music

Imagine a world without independent artists, no pubs or bars hosting live music, no local festivals!

It Doesn't Bare Thinking About!!!!!

Yet, unless we all get together and support all the incredible artists out there on our local music scenes we could lose them completely.

Independent music has been in a crisis for some time, free gigs, streaming services such as Spotify only paying independent artists a pittance all having an effect. Recommended reading: Nick Cody's Blog.

In the UK live music venues have been closed now for nearly a year with no concrete sign of re-opening. Due to this many artists have taken to performing virtually via Facebook Live with tip jars/donations being their only income.

Now is the time to act - to show your appreciation for the joy independent artists bring to us.. imagine how the lockdown would have been like without these amazing singers & bands bringing their music into our homes!

Now is the time to act - before independent artists are left with no other option than pursue other careers, forcing them to leave the music industry for good.

One of the ways of doing this is to give donations during virtual gigs, another is to purchase music rather than stream it. Most artists have details of where music can be purchased on their websites/social media pages.

Listen into Hat Tracks every week & visit New Releases post for details & links of some great new albums.

There is also Bandcamp with Bandcamp Friday where it is waiving its revenue share on all sales on the first Friday of every month to give musicians more money from each purchase.

Support Independent Music

Don't Stream, Purchase

No Music, No Life

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