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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

As stated in my previous post 'Independent music is in a crisis' the time to act is now!

At the time of writing it has been 7 months since the UK went into #lockdown, that is 7 months many #independent #artists have been left with no income at all, some may've been lucky enough to receive #donations through #Facebook #Live #events, but donations are never enough to pay the bills.

#Venues have been closed since March , some for good, the few establishments that have been able to re-opened are few & far between. With social distancing regulations, sound restrictions, curfews & winter coming it is questionable as to whether these are going to be financially viable in the long term.

Also there are many places unable to even consider holding gigs for the foreseeable future, an example being the #micro-bars, which, in the current situation, are struggling to even cover the running costs before even considering booking artists.

Others, including The Live Room Saltaire have managed to keep going by taking events online, these are to be congratulated for their ingenuity.

However, even with the inventiveness of particular venues independent music is without doubt teetering on a knife edge.

Unless all those involved in the industry work together we are going to lose many talented #singers & #bands, not to mention the numerous individuals involved in the field, all of whom will be left with no other option than to search for alternative employment.

Some in the industry have already written forward thinking pieces, including my Music For The Head And Heart colleague, Nick Cody in his own blog which is certainly worth a read.

Without a doubt, as Nick has touched on, the independent music scene is going to have to adapt to survive.

Can you imagine a world without independent music? Just the thought fills me with dread... the time to act is now.

With this in mind I'm inviting artists, promoters, agents, venue owners, event organisers, & all involved the industry to join me in a series of Zoom meetings to discuss a way forward & save independent music.

No Music - No Life

Comments, Views, Idea's appreciated.. Details of Zoom Meeting to follow

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