Present Your Own Show

 Have you ever thought of recording & presenting your own radio show or podcast? Well, now you have the chance, and you don't even need a studio either, just a decent podcasting mic, a quiet ara & recording/editing software. Audacity is a great example & it is free.


We are looking to add more shows with new presenters to Daz In The Hat from around the world


You don't need experience, just a love for independent music, we will help with the rest.


You can join Daz as a co-presenter, record your own music show, interview singers, bands, venues & fans in your local area, or both.


You can record your show in your own home and send it in for review or use our facilities.



Some of the shows in the planning:



  • Gig Guides - What is happening on your local music scenes

  • Shows concentrating on a certain musical genre

  • Interviews with singers, bands, fans & those who support independent music


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