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Hidden Gems II - Captain Of The Lost Waves

Hidden Gem II.jpg

Listening to Captain of the Lost Waves new album ‘Hidden Gems II’ is like embarking on a musical adventure, every song telling a story. The Captain is without a doubt one of the best wordsmiths I have come across.

The lyrics of every track thought-provoking, the music wonderful, an excellent album


10 out 5 five!!!! Daz In The Hat Hat Tracks"

Whichever Way The Wind Blows - Zach Tompson

Zach Thompson 02.jpg

Zach Thompson’s latest song ‘Whichever Way The Wind Blows’ fuses the styles of his biggest influences Bob Dylan & The Beatles together creating a masterpiece which is undoubtedly pure Zach!


Keep the songs coming Zach and I’ll keep playing them

Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK Daz In The Hat®