Aled Hughes01.jpg

Aled Hughes, Singer/Songwriter, Wales

Excellent shows that are very supportive of artists like me. Daz loves his music

Indie Country Radio.jpg

Lisa, Indie Country Radio, Nashville

You rock, you are all genres

Paula Ryan.jpg

Paula Ryan, Singer/Songwriter

Thanks a lot for the play! Delighted to be among such a fab bunch of musicians

Angi Naylor.jpg

Angi Naylor


London, UK

A great blend of music covering all styles. Keep on Hatting the Tracks

Skinner & Twitch.jpg

Skinner & Twitch


Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Daz is one of Yorkshire's most dedicated champions of homegrown, independent artists & music with his finger firmly on the pulse of what's happening in the region and beyond.. Grab a cuppa, kick back, relax and listen to Hat Tracks, you'll love it

Natalie Jane Bransgrove.jpg

Natalie Jane Bransgrove


Luton, UK

Daz has played all three of my singles on his show and it is much appreciated




Kieran Doyle Singer/Songwriter 

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England

What a great guy, very informative about the Yorkshire music scene and loves to share his knowledge to help everyone associated with the scene enjoy it to the max

Reatha Pitman 01.jpg

Reatha Pitman, Singer/Songwriter, Mississippi, USA

You're Awesome

Nick Cody.jpg

Nick Cody, Singer/Songwriter,

Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

A great supporter of artists

Aled Hughes01.jpg

Aled Hughes, 

Singer/Songwriter, Wales

It's excellent to have people like yourself who have a heartfelt passion to play our songs

Alan Eaton.jpg

Alan Eaton, Singer/Songwriter

Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Daz is someone who actually cares about music

Brent Harms.jpg

Brent Harms, Singer/Songwriter

Evansville, Indiana USA

Daz is so awesome! He's looking out for and helping us indies get heard. How cool is that?